The 7 Best Habit Books, Summarised.

Habit Book 1 - Atomic Habits


What you will learn from reading Atomic Habits:

– The 4 elements of habits and how they play a crucial part in our ability to create good habits and get rid of bad ones.

– The three key steps to creating a habit.

– How to set up a system that caters for your habits so that you don’t find yourself running out of steam.

Habit Book 2 - Tiny Habits


What you will learn from reading Tiny Habits:

– Why you’re not entirely responsible for your bad habits.

– The 5 ability factors that hold you back from your good habits.

– Why motivation doesn’t matter as much as people say when it comes to habits.

Habit Book 3 - The Habit Blueprint



What you will learn from reading The Habit Blueprint:

– The mechanisms that are responsible for building new habits.

– How to build new habits and get rid of bad ones.

– How to set up a system that holds you accountable for doing your habits every day. 

Habit Book 4 - The Now Habit


What you will learn from reading The Now Habit:

– The key attitudes towards starting tasks and seeing them through that are responsible for causing anxiety. 

– The different ways in which people build the habit of procrastinating to deal with this anxiety. 

Methods of changing these attitudes and in the process dealing with their habit of procrastinating. 

Habit Book 5 - Elastic Habits


What you will learn from reading Elastic Habits:

– How to set correct habit strategies so you will never miss a day again.

– How to create a wider net for habits so that multiple activities can further the same goal!

– How you can add levels to your habits to leave you more fulfilled and excited to do them.

Habit Book 6 - The Power of Habit


What you will learn from reading The Power of Habit:

– The roles of the cue, routine, and reward in building and changing habits. 

– The vital role of habits on an individual, organisational, and societal level. 

– How to deconstruct habits and substitute bad routines/ actions with ideal ones. 

Habit Book 7 - Hooked


What you will learn from reading Hooked:

– How to use the HOOK model to design products that create habits.

– Why some good innovations fail and how to prevent this.

– How products can be designed to get people addicted.