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It is well known that many CEOs read daily. Something that seems impossible for the busy professional. However, with Wise Words you can pix and mix the best ideas from a wide range of books in less than 10 minutes a day. Digesting the best ideas in no time at all.

Our book summaries condense non-fiction books into blog posts, with actionable advice from each book. The book summaries feature quotes taken directly from the book and their key ideas. Meaning you can explore the key insights without having to read the whole book.


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We know time is important to YOU, so why not save time and learn more!

Where the average book might take you 8 hours to get through, our summaries have been scaled down dramatically to the point that you can read one in your coffee break. However we don’t just break them down we scale them down, meaning we keep all the nice juicy bits.  

This allows you to speed through that list while still maintaining a good level of understanding. When you understand something you will be able to remember it.