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We aren’t selling one of those ‘get a six pack in a week’ packages, we’ve read enough books to know that change doesn’t happen over night. It’s the tiny improvements that make all the difference.  

If you get one percent better each day for one whole year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done. 


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It is well known that many CEOs read daily. Something that seems impossible for the busy professional. However, with Wise Words you can pix and mix the best ideas from a wide range of books in less than 10 minutes a day. Digesting the best ideas in no time at all.

Our book summaries condense non-fiction books into blog posts, with actionable advice from each book. The book summaries feature quotes taken directly from the book and their key ideas. Meaning you can explore the key insights without having to read the whole book.


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Our Magic Formula: DIME

So, Why Wise Words?

You will learn the Key Ideas faster.

We take the key ideas from the best non-fiction books and explain them in easy and understandable ways.


You will have more Epiphanies.

By exploring a range of books quickly you have the potential to connect the dots in ways others miss.


You will build understanding piece by piece.

Build up a solid foundation of understanding by putting the puzzle together piece by piece.

We know time is important to YOU, so why not save time and learn more!

Where the average book might take you 8 hours to get through, our summaries have been scaled down dramatically to the point that you can read one in your coffee break. However we don’t just break them down we scale them down, meaning we keep all the nice juicy bits.  

This allows you to speed through that list while still maintaining a good level of understanding. When you understand something you will be able to remember it.


Learning, made visual.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” Chinese Proveb

Why Read Non-Fiction Books?

Good question.

Writing was the sole way of sharing all our knowledge, for a long time.  Reading is a key skill which helps you tap into the understanding and knowledge of others.

The idea that you can improve and learn anything by just picking up a book (or in our case a summary) is in itself mind blowing.

If you want access to the brightest and best minds of humanity then you need to read.


Reading Can Help You With the Following Three Things:

Discover New Ideas


Increase your Potential


Improve your Memory

10 Minute Coffee Break? Read a Book Summary!

Forget social media, think social readia. 

Improve your habits, increase your creativity and change you life with as little as 10 minutes reading a day.

One book summary a week can make a huge difference in your life!

One insight can change your life. So, why wait…

Read a book summary today and start your journey, getting smarter 1%!