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We read the best books so you don't have to and distil them down to their key ideas and themes.


We review books on our podcast, perfect for on the go listening and deep explorations into the main ideas!

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We don’t just provide you with the key ideas, we offer ways that you can implement them into your life.

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It is well known that many CEOs read daily. Something that seems impossible for the busy professional. However, with Wise Words you can pix and mix the best ideas from a wide range of books in less than 10 minutes a day. Digesting the best ideas in no time at all.

Our book summaries condense non-fiction books into blog posts, with actionable advice from each book. The book summaries feature quotes taken directly from the book and their key ideas. Meaning you can explore the key insights without having to read the whole book.


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Book Summaries by Wise Words

We read the books
We summarise them
We distil the key ideas
We make them actionable

YOU implement them

Why Wise Words?

In the busy modern world it’s hard to find time to read books, so we’re offering you the next best thing – book summaries.

Unlike most book summary websites, we offer a solution to this problem. We make the key ideas from all the books we read actionable, because the best way to make something stick is to act on it, embed it into your life and make it a habit.

We encourage you to revisit our notes every so often to remind yourself of the key ideas that each book offers!