Mistakes were made (but not by me) Book Summary – Carol Tavris


What you will learn from reading Mistakes Were Made: – Why our memories are inaccurate and what this means. – How to improve your relationship by understanding implicit theories.  – Why separating your behaviour from your identity will give you less anxiety. Buy Mistakes Were Made Read More Reviews of this book Quotes from Mistakes […]

The Elephant in the Brain Book Summary – Robin Hanson and Kevin Simler


What you will learn from reading The Elephant in the Brain – The role of gossip in norm enforcement and how we regulate our social groups – The role of status and why we are always pursuing it. – Why charitable giving is essentially an advertisement of our generosity.  Buy The Elephant in the Brain […]

Mindwise Book Summary – Nicholas Epley


What you will learn from reading Mindwise: – Why we are strangers to ourselves and what this means for how we see others. – How we are dehumanise others and believe they are less competent then we are. – How to understand others better and gain a wider perspective. Buy Mindwise Read More Reviews of […]