Nonviolent Communication Book Summary – Marshall B. Rosenberg


What you will learn from reading Nonviolent Communication: – How to understand others needs. – Why judgements and comparisons create violence. – How to express your needs to get what you want. Buy Nonviolent Communication Read More Reviews of this book Quotes from Nonviolent Communication Nonviolent Communication Book Summary: Nonviolent Communication book summary explores how […]

How To Win Friends And Influence People Book Summary – Dale Carnegie


What you will learn from reading How to Win Friends and Influence People: – How to become interested in people and in the process become interesting to them. – The ability to create long lasting friendships as well as improve current ones. – How to get your point across in the most efficient of ways. […]

Never Split the Difference Book Summary – Chris Voss


What you will learn from reading Never Split the Difference: – How to get what you want from any interaction you have. – How to ask questions to get important information out of people. – A few simple techniques you can use today to drastically improve any negotiation.  Buy Never Split the Difference Read More […]