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Copywriting Secrets Book Summary – Jim Edwards

What you will learn from reading Copywriting Secrets

– How to effortlessly sell more with proven headlines.

– How to research and create a customer avatar that will skyrocket sales. 

– How to generate lots of ways your product can help people so you can sell more. 

Copywriting Secrets Book Summary:

Copywriting secrets book summary is all about creating better copy. Jim Edwards a master copywriter explores how he thinks about writing copy that sells and gives you his templates so that you can create great copy right away. If you’re looking to figure out how to sell more online or just sell then this is for you. Read on.


Anatomy of the ‘perfect’ sales letter:


Shocking Statement – “did you know” Goes against worldview, expose something they suspect is true. 


Agitate – ‘which means’ 

Present the solution 

Use bullets here 

Credibility statement about you 


Sum up offer and give price 




Post Script 


Remember This:

Jim has a mantra – “People love to buy, but hate to be sold” 

To do this the content needs to address their fears, speak to their desires. Using words they use so it feels like a conversation with a friend or trusted advisor. 


How to generate lots of ideas for value your product creates:

Step 1 

Answer – Can you product help the buyer do any of these? 

Make money 

Save money 

Avoid effort 

Escape mental or physical pain 

Get more comfort  

Achieve hygiene, cleanliness to get better health 

Gain praise 

Feel more loved 

Increase their popularity or social status 


Step 2 

Now question and come up with 10 ways of how your product will achieve these: 

How much time can they save and what else could they do with that time? 

How does the product eliminate mental pain or worry for them? 

You need to create pegs to hang reasons for buying!


Tips for Pronouns:

Find words we, ours, I and change the frame to you


Headline Template Ideas for Stealing:


How to get results headlines:

How to get ____ 

How to get ____ In as little as 

How to get ____ In as little as _____ even if you____! 

How every_____ can_____ 


Using numbers – 3,5,7,9 

Ways to get what you want headlines:

5 quick and easy ways to ____ 

3 fast ways to get ____ and avoid___ 

3 quick and easy ways to get____ even if___? 


Mistake headlines:

Which of this___ mistakes will you make? 

_____ mistakes all _____ need to avoid 

_____ mistakes every _____ need to avoid 


Warning Headlines:

Warning: Here’s what every ____ needs to know about ____ 

Warning: Don’t even think about trying to ____ until you read this 


Creating the perfect customer avatar:

Meet FRED – Fear, Results, Expectations, Desires

Or you can take this to next level: 

These are exactly things going through the individuals head as you talk: 

What are there problems? 

What are their questions? 

What are their roadblocks? 

What are the results they want? 


Now you need to identify and talk about the gap!

What is the PRQ2’s framework:


Questions                      Gap                               Results 


Sales copy needs to bridge this gap. His problems, his questions and his roadblocks have him firmly planted in inaction. What he wants is on the other side. 


Remember – these PRQ2’s are what defines the niche. 

If he has questions, you show him you have answers. If he’s got roadblocks, you show him how to remove them because all he’s thinking about are these problems, questions and roadblocks. Remember nothing is important as something as you are thinking about it. — Reticular Activating systems zones in what you want and ignores over things. 


Ways to do PRQ2 Research: 

Live interaction 

Look at yourself 


Popular products and reviews 

Answer sites – quora 


Help desks 


How to use Bullet Points correctly: 


It ____ so you can ____ 

E.g. “One-piece set so you can keep all your wrenches together in one place” 


The above formula on Steroids: 

It ____ so you can ____ which means _____. 


Always aim for 5-6 bullets+ 

Write 12 or so and cull to best 5-6. 

The result you want people to think — “yea that’s what I feel, that’s what I care about”  

Great Rule of thumb: As soon as you make a statement about what something is or what it does use which means.  

“which means you will ___” 

“which means you can ___” 

“which means you don’t have to ___” 

Now connect this to one of the following:

Love for __ (family, self, country) 


Fear of ___ (failure, mistakes, death) 



Longing for _ (fulfilment, peace) 




How to use reviews properly when researching:

3-4 stars great insight to what is missing 

1 stars tend to be know it alls who hate life. 


Don’t forget the proof:

Proof comes in many forms – celebrity endorsements, authority hacking, statistics and quotes that support sales. 


Sales Letter Formulas:

1: Problem / Agitate / Solve 

2: 3X benefit – if you want ___ , if you want ___, if you want ___ 

3: Before / After / Bridge 

Start with the before – talk about way things are now, problem, question and roadblocks. 

Introduce after – Future pace – Imagine this…. 

Bridge – Here’s the path to get there. 


Pro Tip — For Creating perception of 10x value compared to the Competition:

If you want to make your offer amazing, take your competitor’s USP and turn it into a free bonus with your offer. 

Then boast about it. 

Pile on bonuses to get the user to have 10X value. 


Email Template: 

  • Great subject line
  • Salutation
  • Shocking statement
  • Two, three or four bullets to build curiosity
  • Specific call to action for what you want them to do
  • Personal note


Remember – It’s Never One Size fits all:

Hot – What would be the conversation with someone who knows who you are and what you do? 

Warm – What would the conversation be like with someone who is aware they have a problem, but not aware of you? 

Cold – What would the conversation be like with people who know they have a problem, but they have no clue a solution even exists. 


Create value without giving solution:

How to create valuable content that doesn’t completely solve a role yet creates the need for what you are selling. 

Three M’s on content: 

Myth – Dispelling a myth, debunking the myth convincingly ( what do they want to believe, confirm suspicions) 

Misconception – Myths are untruths whereas misconceptions involve incorrect ideas about something. False beliefs replaced with correct views and clarity in understanding. 

Mistakes – Mistakes are where you point out where people are going wrong. Most powerful of the three especially if you link mistake to social pain. 

Future pacing stories – used to imagine a desired scenario, paint an ideal scenario and story. 


4 Ways to sell when you’re creating content:

  1. Give something valuable away for free that naturally leads to an additional purchase – Teach something great then make sure they have to buy to put into action.
  2. Tell them what to do, why they should do it and then sell them how/ what they need to do – Create exact steps and what it can do for you then present the way you can do it manually or automatically using the product. 
  3. Teach all the steps leading up to what you want them to purchase – supplement what you have taught them
  4. Teach them manual or hard way to do things – Make sure the way seems painful hard and confusing.